• Why Use A Freight Broker?

    Written by Randy Heavener – NAE, Freight Cowboy   Have you ever asked why would I need to use a freight broker to move my freight and what does a freight broker do?  I hope I can clear up some thoughts you might have with brokers.   A large number of companies have limited resources […]

  • 7 Tips to Save When Shipping Small Packages

    Shipping Small Packages E-Commerce business continues to rise in sales. If you are looking for a cost reduction in your business expense, your small package shipping fees can be your answer. Knowing these seven tips can help you save money on your next UPS or FedEx invoice. Tip #1 Stay Informed Always keep informed about […]

  • Truckload Market Pricing and How It Directly Affects Your Bottom Line

    By Michael Munday,Sales Manager- Freight Cowboy

    This is the same load I moved 3 months ago, shouldn’t my full truckload rate be the same?

    No! In fact, quite the opposite is true. Unless your volumes are such you are able to secure year long contracted rates, the laws of supply and demand come into play quite frequently, requiring spot pricing.  Many factors influence pricing, and over the course of the year, these factors can result in dramatic and sometimes sudden changes.

  • Cargo Liability: Are you exposed?

    By Jeff Harris,Director of Operations- Freight Cowboy

    Understanding Cargo Liability

    Whether you ship thumb tacks, heavy machinery or high-end electronics, understanding cargo liability is the first step in a successful process when your goods are damaged in transit. In today’s logistics landscape, there is often more to be considered than the baseline liability standards provided by the law.