Parcel vs Freight: What's the Difference?

Do you have packages to ship? Not sure how to ship them? When deciding between using a small parcel or LTL (less-than-truckload) freight carrier, shippers should consider the weight, location, and special requirements of the shipment. If you've never shipped LTL freight, it may seem easier to head to the nearest UPS store. But it will likely cost you more in the end! Click To Tweet

Parcel vs Freight

Small parcel shipments usually weigh under 70 pounds, but can’t be more than 150, and are shipped in either your packaging or carrier supplied packing.  Small parcel shipments don’t require pallets and can usually move through a small package shipping system. Let’s say that you have a shipment weighing 270 pounds. You could technically break them up into separate boxes to ship them as parcels, but that requires a lot more work and increases the possibility of loss or damage.

When to Use LTL

In the above example, a 270-pound shipment would be better suited to ship LTL, where it can be palletized. One of the biggest benefits of LTL and freight shipping is the flexibility of combining large and heavy packages into the tightest, safest space possible. LTL saves you money by taking advantage of partial truckloads already headed in the same geographical location.

Comparing Costs

Still not sure what to use? Most reputable shipping brokers offer LTL rate shopping, which is an easy to use carrier comparison tool. Simply enter your start and destination zip code, freight class and weight, and any accessorials, and immediately get rates from major carriers.  

Shipment Management

Another huge benefit of LTL freight shipping is the level of competency shown by shipment managers, who put your satisfaction first. With more experience and a competitive edge, these experts will ensure that you’re getting the best rate and terms.

Nothing to Lose

If you’ve never shipped using LTL or freight before, it may seem like an unfamiliar world. However, parcel shippers who are dealing with LTL shipping for the first time usually find that it’s easier and more cost-effective than parcel shipping. You have nothing to lose by reaching out to a freight broker for guidance!

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