A Quick Guide to Using the LTL Small Business Center

Would you buy a new car without shopping around for the best deal? Probably not. So it doesn’t make sense to settle on a trucking company without comparing rates or service. But that can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the carriers, service area, transit times or direct service points. The LTL Small Business Center allows you to find the best shipping rate in minutes, without pressure or hidden fees. Click To Tweet

Benefits of Freight Cowboy’s LTL Small Business Center

Using a rate shopper service provides the most accurate rates for LTL shipments. Simply include the origin and the destination zip code, the weight and the freight class, and receive the best discounted rates available. Save time with tools like the class calculator, address book, and customizable templates for repeat shipments.


Using the LTL Small Business Center technology tool is incredibly simple and intuitive. Enter your shipment details and get the rates and transit times from all of our contracted carriers in one place. They are probably some of the same carriers you use today, but at discounted rates due to our volume of spend. Stop wasting time on the phone with a manual and complicated processes.


Simply click on the rate and carrier you want to create your Bill of Lading (BOL) and automatically schedule your pickup with the carrier with the click of a button. It is that easy. No back and forth or surprise fees. Streamline your next shipping process with the LTL Small Business Center and enjoy consistency and peace of mind.


Take advantage of Freight Cowboy’s database and reporting capabilities within the LTL Small Business Center tool to track your shipments. Take the unknown out of shipping with powerful analytics that update you in real-time so you’re always aware of where your shipment is at in relation to the final delivery. You can even set-up your customer to receive e-tracking notifications directly from the LTL Small Business Center, just like they would receive when ordering a package online.

A Better Way to Ship

The benefits of the LTL Small Business Center make it a better way to ship. Save time, money and stress by using this valuable tool for your small business needs.

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