Best Shipping Practices for Customer Satisfaction

Freight shipping consists of many moving parts, and just one mistake can cause confusion and delay. Click To Tweet Ensuring customer satisfaction means successfully navigating the various components involved so that you always know what the shipment status is.

The Best Shipping Practices Outlined

While freight shipping varies from customer to carrier, there are 5 simple practices that help you ensure that business relationships are mutually beneficial and efficient. These shipping practices should serve as a starting point upon which you can build your own successful process.

1) Package Properly

The importance of proper freight packaging cannot be overstated. Many claims, delays and damages arise from improper packaging. Proper packaging and loading will also help prevent costly partial shipments that could be consolidated.

2) Report Weight Accurately

Failing to weigh your shipment accurately forces carriers to re-weigh, which leads to delays, higher expense and reduces efficiency. Shippers have a responsibility to accurately report the weight of their shipment, and doing this will pay off for the shipper in the long run.

3) Adhere to Rules & Regulations

Whether you plan to ship via road, air, or water, it’s crucial to keep in mind that transportation regulations for each method are different. International borders have their own unique sets of regulations, so ensuring that your shipments are compliant with these will expedite the process. Carry all the necessary documents including invoices, import/export permits, documents pertaining to ocean and air transportation.

4) Consider Insurance

When it comes to lost or damaged freight, 3rd party insurance can save you time and money. Carriers will have their own coverage, but it may not reimburse the full value, or what the shipment might be worth to the customer.

5) Provide Transparency

Supply chain visibility promotes accountability for both customers and shipment managers. When the process is properly monitored, reported and updated, the chance of a mistake diminishes. If mistakes still manage to occur they are easily identified and avoided in the future.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

It’s impossible to guarantee perfection, but if problems arise during shipping, the customer should be notified and provided with alternative options. These might vary from a simple and heartfelt apology to a parcel service failure refund.

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers

Satisfied customers that have confidence in your abilities are more likely to refer peers and return themselves. It’s not enough to say that you’re an expert in the field of freight shipping or logistics.Your expertise should speak for itself in the form of efficient practices and dependable service.

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