What to Do in The Event of Parcel Service Failure

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering something and it not showing up! So, what do you do when you find yourself in this situation? You do have rights when it comes to your online orders and it is important to learn what options you have in the event of a parcel service failure. Click To Tweet

Parcel Delivery Failure! What Now?

Parcel delivery failure can not only put you in a bad mood but if you were waiting on an item that is important to your work or home, it can put you behind of schedule and throw your whole week out of whack. Learn what your rights are so you can get your money refunded the next time your parcel doesn’t show up. Here are some great tips on what to do the next time you have a parcel service failure.

Consumer Rights

According to the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, any time you purchase goods online, the retailer has full responsibility until you receive the item. Therefore, if your item is received damaged or not at all, it is the retailer’s issue, not the delivery company.

Contact the Delivery Company

Before you do anything else, check the tracking number if you have one, and see where your parcel is. You can also contact the delivery company to see if they have any information about your parcel’s whereabouts.

Contact the Retailer

If the delivery company is unable to help or locate your parcel, the next step is to contact the retailer. They will be able to tell you whether the parcel has indeed been shipped, when, and where to. Check to make sure they have the correct address and ask them about what your next steps are in receiving the item you paid for.

Ask for Compensation

If your package doesn’t show up, you need to demand to get a refund or have them re-deliver your parcel at no further cost to you. Also ask the retailer about possibly getting reimbursed for any extra time you took off work, as well as any other distress the late or undelivered package has caused.

Guaranteed Shipment or Your Money Back

One of the best ways to ensure you get your package or your money back is to sign up with a service parcel failure refund service. The advanced software allows them to identify late or lost deliveries and guarantees your shipment will arrive or be refunded to you no matter what happens.

Get Your Money Back When They Fail to Deliver

When your parcel doesn’t arrive on time or at all, it can affect your work, your life, and your pocketbook. Make sure to stay in contact with the delivery company and retailer, and if you really want to take control and guarantee your parcel will be refunded if it doesn’t arrive, always use a parcel failure refund service and get the shipment refund you deserve!

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