What is Parcel Auditing?

Auditing your parcel (FedEx & UPS) invoice is an essential business practice for almost every industry. If your business is shipping packages, chances are you should be auditing your parcels.  

Parcel auditing is simply sorting through your shipment invoices and tracking what you’ve been charged for. It sounds easy enough, but it can be quite tedious and time-consuming. The parcel carriers often do make mistakes in their billing or in delivering your shipment in the transit time you had paid for. Have you considered auditing your shipments? Here are a few reasons why it's a good idea to do so. Click To Tweet

Why You Should Audit Your Shipments

Auditing your shipments could save you a lot of money in the long run, and in many cases, it is money you didn’t even know you were due. Most business owners are more concerned with shipping fees and sending orders out to customers in a timely manner, that they understandably don’t make it a priority to sift through carrier invoices, identify mistakes, file a claim with their transportation provider and then reconcile the credits on future invoices.

Consider Working With a Parcel Auditing Company

A parcel auditing company can alleviate the headache of reviewing shipping invoices. It can be overwhelming for business owners to audit their own parcel invoices. A company dedicated to tracking parcel invoices to reduce shipping costs will have the experience and technology to service your parcel auditing needs.

Pro Tip: A parcel auditing company has advanced software that identifies late deliveries, rating errors, erroneous residential charges, and other billing errors.

Parcel Service Failure Refunds

On average refunds account for 1-8% of your small package spend. A company that specifically works on parcel service failure refunds will also analyze your shipping volume, shipping charges, duplicate charges and any additional inaccurate charges on your account.

Cost Savings

Parcel audit services will save your business money in the long run. Parcel carriers have made the shipment tracking and filing processes difficult and inconvenient for business owners. Therefore, it’s better to outsource your shipment auditing needs. The best part is, Freight Cowboy does this on a contingency-based model, meaning we only earn our fee if/when we find errors and the carriers actually credit your account.

Does your business currently audit parcels? Join the conversation to chat about what shipment auditing techniques work best for you.