Do You Need a Shipment Management System?

Getting your products to customers and distributors is a crucial part of your business. Processing these transactions smoothly and in the most cost-effective manner will help to maintain and grow your profits. However, the logistics of moving all your products can become a challenge as your business grows.

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Increased Demands

As your business grows, you have more customers placing more orders, which means more inventory that needs to be packaged and shipped. You will need to increase your production to meet the demand, spending more time ordering supplies, making sure they’re scanned into your management system, and stocking your warehouse. That doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to figure out how to cut costs, increase productivity or streamline your shipping. That’s where a Transportation Management System (TMS) comes in! They should do the following:

Save You Time

A TMS will help process and ship your orders more timely and in a more efficient manner. The ideal system will help you be more organized, in order to help simplify the processing of orders and lead to timely fulfillment.

Save You Money

Running a business is expensive. The right system will enable least cost routing of shipments based on the transit times needed to fulfill your business requirements. This, in turn, will help your business get the lowest possible price and give your company a competitive advantage.

Streamline Your Shipping

Freight Cowboy has advanced software that identifies late deliveries and other exceptions, allowing us to secure refunds on your behalf with parcel carriers. Furthermore, we have the technology to manage orders from one place, rather than multiple channels.

Pro Tip: Consider working with a professional shipment management system to reduce your workload.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Transportation Management System?

A shipping manager’s primary objective is to ensure shipments get from point A to point B on time, intact and within budget. Achieving this objective involves several duties and responsibilities that require a wide range of skills, including resolving problems concerning logistics systems, imports and exports, transportation and customer issues. If you’re trying to juggle all of this in-house, it may be time to explore what a shipping system can do for you.

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