How the Internet of Things is Changing Freight Shipping

The Internet of Things (IoT), refers to the billions of physical objects around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Think of a front door that can be locked from a smartphone. Thanks to inexpensive processors and wireless networks, it’s possible to turn almost anything into part of the IoT. But how does that impact freight shipping? The IoT has transformed the way everyone does business. Here's how it's changed the freight shipping industry. Click To Tweet

Big Changes to Freight Shipping

Improved and integrated technology, like that in the IoT, has increased productivity in the supply chain, minimizing costs and errors. These advances benefit all areas of the logistics industry: trucking transportation, international transportation, supply chain management, and shipment tracking. Here are some big changes the IoT has made to the shipping industry:


Shipping transparency benefits the customer, shipping agents, and shipping management teams.  When customers have the tools they need to get clarification and updates (GPS tracking, email reports, dynamic dashboards, etc.) they will not have a reason to call their logistics manager. This allows employees to focus on their work while the customer gets the updates they need via the IoT.


Shipping is becoming increasingly automated, with sensors on products, pallets, SKUs, drivers, facilities, and vehicles providing regular feedback and updates. Conveyor systems move the right products to the right piece of trucking equipment at the right time. Loading software advises proper placement to maximize space and avoid load and lane imbalances and potential damage or wasted space.

Pro Tip: Automating loading processes decreases cost and eliminates human error.


Most business needs will grow and evolve over time, requiring owners to continually assess their capital, warehousing, and distribution needs. When paired with an experienced third-party logistics provider, the IoT provides the flexibility and fast scalability to adapt to any demand.

Breakthroughs in Technology

To remain competitive and enhance efficiency, it’s critical to keep up with the latest technology. The shipping and logistics industry benefits immensely from the IoT and will continue to grow as more advances are made. The breakthroughs in technology, and the innovative shipment managers brave enough to embrace them, will only help your business succeed.

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