What's Wrong With Misrepresenting Freight?

There are many reasons that freight size and weight might be misrepresented or misquoted. Perhaps it was an honest mistake, thoughtless oversight, or in some cases, an intentional lie to save money or time. Whatever the reason, misrepresenting freight can create a host of problems for both shipper, carrier, and customer.  

The Dangers of Misrepresenting Freight

Customers always want low shipping rates, and price competition is a powerful force in today’s marketplace. As a result, there may be temptation to misrepresent freight in an effort to expedite the process. Not only can this result in costly penalties and delays, but a real physical danger to LTL drivers.

Safety Hazards

LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipping depends on accurate weight and size reporting.  If this information is misrepresented there’s a risk of overloading the shipment, which can cause accidents and put lives in real danger.


Misrepresenting freight means that the weight the carrier is shipping does not match paperwork required at weigh stations, airports, etc. This can cause delays, seizures of freight and costly audits. Shipping failure occurs when the customer does not get their shipment, or receives it late. In those cases, the customer risks losing money and the carrier could be responsible for that.


There are strict regulations in place to limit freight misrepresentation. Freight can be seized, delayed at weigh stations for inspections, and hefty penalty fees levied against the carrier and shipper.  Additionally, if a misrepresented shipment incurs damage, insurance may not cover it.

Tarnished Industry Reputation

Misrepresented weight and size reflects poorly on the entire shipping industry. It fosters distrust between carriers and shippers, resulting in a  hostile work environment. It makes customers wary of the entire industry as a whole, based on the dishonesty of only a few. Make no mistake, misrepresenting freight is unethical, and doing so tarnishes the entire industry.

Best Practices for Freight Shipping

As accessibility and demand increases, so do the expectations of people shipping. You need to deliver more than a product. You must also deliver a great experience. In response to that, shipping managers and carriers must use integrity when working together to ensure a satisfying customer experience.

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