Advantages to Electronic Tracking and Analytics in Shipping

Think of shipping tracking and analytics as a progress report and final report card. You can use these tools to help your business improve, or can tip you off to potential problems with your carrier.  Ignoring the valuable information electronic tracking provides is a waste of valuable resources. Click To Tweet

The Value of Electronic Tracking

Putting an effective shipping strategy in place is one of the most important steps you can take to grow your business and increase efficiency. An integral part of that strategy should be the the use of electronic tracking and analytics. Finding the best shipping rate and carrier should always include finding a carrier that uses tracking. Here are a few ways tracking and electronic feedback can help your business:

Identify and Reduce Waste

Are your goods being shipped as efficiently as possible? With the help of tracking data, you can identify instances of waste that are costing your both time and money. Smart route planning will reduce unnecessary fuel expenses and delays.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re shipping your own products to a storefront, or shipping to customers individually, the ease of electronic tracking makes the entire process easier.  Uncertainty in shipping is never a good thing. Eliminate the unknowns and you’ll find that customers are happier and carriers are forced to up their game in order to stay competitive.

Stay Competitive

Electronic tracking and analytics will help you and your business stay competitive. You’ll save money on insurance rates, avoid delays and waste, and give customers complete transparency. By empowering your customer and your carrier, you’ll be able to stay competitive in your market.

Increase Accountability

When your product arrives late or doesn’t arrive at all, who takes the blame? WIth tracking tools, it’s easy to see who made the mistake and where. This increased accountability motivates carriers, drivers and shippers alike to do their best in order to avoid delay, loss or damage.

Save Time & Money

The term “Time is money” is never more true than in the shipping industry. There are occasions when your fleet gets stuck in the traffic, experiences technical difficulties, or driver error. Electronic tracking allows you to update routes in real-time to avoid delays, while analytics provide feedback to help you make better decisions in the future.

Make Everyone Happy

The end goal to electronic tracking and analytics isn’t to make everyone feel watched, but to make every do their best. With the increased accountability of tracking, everyone involved in the process is motivated to succeed. In essence, everyone is happier and more efficient with tracking data!

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