How the Right Freight Broker can Boost Your Business

Almost every industry can benefit from a streamlined freight shipping process. A freight broker ensures that your needs are met, then sees the shipment through. As leaders in their industry, they put their expertise to use for you.

What is a Freight Broker?

The concept of a freight broker can be a bit vague if you’re not in the shipping industry.  In simple terms, a freight broker is a liaison between transportation carriers and businesses with specific shipping requirements.

Efficient Transportation

Because your broker negotiates with the carrier and makes sure the shipping route stays on schedule, the process is very efficient. It also takes the stress out of the shipping process for you, the business owner. Simply tell your broker what you need and they’ll take care of the rest. Not only will a broker finish the deal, but with integrated shipment managment tools, the process is guided from start to finish.

Better Rates

A freight broker can get you better rates because they are experts in what they do. If you’re an expert cabinet maker, you likely know all the best places to buy lumber, hardware and tools. You know which lumber provider has the best oak, birch, or pine at the best price.  This same specialized knowledge allows freight brokers to find a shipping solution that works best for your specific needs.

High Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increases with better access to products and services.  If you’re a retailer who has promised to restocked specific inventory by Friday, customers expect it to be there on time. When it’s not, they don’t blame the shipping company, they blame you. Ensuring that your shipping is on time and items are undamaged results in happy customers.  

Who Needs a Freight Broker?

If you’ve found that your shipping or transportation costs have gotten out of hand, or if your current provider has not been dependable, you may need a freight broker. Perhaps you’ve experienced growth and simply need to increase your capacity. Whatever your reason, if you feel that you might benefit from consulting with a freight broker, it never hurts to speak with an expert.

Shipping With Confidence

Using a freight broker allows you to ship with confidence. With their expertise on your side, it’s like having an advocate ensuring that your needs are met. Running a business is time-consuming and hectic. The right freight broker can take the stress of shipping and transportation off your plate, allowing you to focus on what matters: growing your business!

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