The Value of Supply Chain Visibility

In today’s instant information era, shipping companies have come to embrace supply chain visibility. Transparency offers advantages to both customers and shipment managers, including valuable analytic data. This consistent feedback can be the key to bettering their business and gaining a competitive edge.  

A New Era of Accountability

A cornerstone of supply chain visibility is accountability. When the process is monitored, reported and regularly updated, there is little room for errors. This protects both the customer and the shipping management company. If mistakes are made, they are quickly identified and can be better avoided in the future.    

Not only does increased transparency provide customers with peace of mind, but it gives shipping managers valuable insight and analytics.

Customer Confidence

The shipment management service strives to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the process. Part of that is keeping them informed as to the status of their shipment. Where there is transparency in transportation operations, there is an assurance that things are going as they should be.

Increased Efficiency

Supply chain visibility benefits the customer, shipping agents and shipping management be fostering efficiency.  When customers have the tools they need to get clarification or reassurance (GPS tracking, email reports, etc.) they will not have a reason to call their shipment manager. This allows employees to focus on their work while the customer gets the updates they need online.

Better Communication

Communication between shipping managers, carriers and customers can only help maximize the process. While person-to-person interactions can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings, increased visibility results in clear, meaningful communication.

Streamlining the Shipping Process

Using tracking information and customer feedback, shipment management companies can continuously assess how to improve their process.  There is clarity and mutual understanding of the timeline, which eliminates confusion. Utilizing the insights gained through this process will only improve it.  

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