Why Use A Freight Broker?

Have you ever asked why would I need to use a freight broker to move my freight and what does a freight broker do?  I hope I can clear up some thoughts you might have with brokers.


A large number of companies have limited resources and time to establish relationships with trucking companies to transport their products on a regular basis.  Because of this, they utilize freight brokers.  A freight broker is in constant contact with the transportation industry and has the expertise to secure competitive freight rates with the carriers and at the same time honoring the shipper’s needs and request.

A shipper’s primary concern is manufacturing a product and distributing to its customer base.  Freight Cowboy’s core concern is transporting the shipper’s goods from factory to end user and having it delivered claim free at a competitive cost.  Many companies have limited internal resources, and it can get very expensive for the shipper as well as time-consuming.  It also requires additional time to handle all the necessary work of setting up shipments directly with carriers.  Companies must give priority on what matters most, and that is their product and let the freight broker handle the shipping of that product.

Freight Cowboy uses their significant amount of volume with carriers to benefit the customer directly by securing the most competitive freight rates.  This established relationship between the Freight Cowboy and the carrier helps make it routine for both ends and keep things running as smoothly as possible at competitive pricing.


In review, a shipper utilizes a broker rather than attempting to set-up their transportation themselves due to the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and expertise in the field by the freight broker.  Freight Cowboy is dedicated to a commitment to excellence in customer service, from the initial contact to the arrival of the shipment at its final destination.


I hope this helps to enlighten you why the services Freight Cowboy supplies value to your company’s mission statement.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or one of our professional Customer Service Reps at 866-367-0011.